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Joka fully complies to the demands of the Danish authorities.

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JOKA Packaging ApS is a 100% Danish owned family business and today it is operated by 3rd generation. Already in 1949 Joka offered packaging solutions made of a material which was brand new back then: plastic.

The founder of Joka and inventor of zipperbags, John Schmidt, ran Joka with success for 36 years, starting back in1949. In 1985 he passed on the job to his son, Torben Schmidt. Torben carried on Joka and ensured a continued development and maintained the good quality and stability which Joka is known for.

Today Joka is run by Birgitte Schmidt Nørgaard, who is the daughter of Torben Schmidt. Birgitte works at Joka on a daily basis.  

JOKA Packaging ApS produces the wellknown Minigrip® Lynlåsposer and is a 100% Danish owned family business


Our Minigrip® zipperbags are now in 0,06 mm thickness with 3 red colorlines and an ISO certificate.

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Be absolutely sure your packaging materials are approved and certified for foods. Joka plastic bags are in compliance with all EU directives, demanded by law, if the bags are to come into contact with foods. The bags are also ISO certified.

Many imported bags do not comply to the EU Laws and can create a lot of problems for the importer or customer.

Here you will find Joka's Declaration of Compliance.

A Joka plastic bag with print, zip lock, handle, slider, tape or other types of closing mechanism can be used for much more than just being a functional packaging.

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Joka's bags are approved for food